“How A School Holiday Program In Singapore Transformed A Delinquent Into A Top Achiever In School!”

I Went From Getting Low Grades to Becoming A Top Achiever!

Arthas from I Am Gifted!

Thank you and your trainers for drastically changing my life!

I used to be an average student with low grades. But after I attended your ‘I Am Gifted!™’ programme I got 8‘A’s in my ‘O’ Levels. I also became badminton captain, class vice-chairman, scored distinction in my piano exams, and was even elected as Prom King!

Then, I took the MAXIMUM amount of academic units at ACJC, plus Physics Special Paper at NTU, was vice-president of my CCA, scored another distinction for piano, and participated in national competitions. As for my ‘A’ Levels, I scored a whopping SEVEN As!

I am now taking a DOUBLE DEGREE at NTU, with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP worth $80-100K. I also have my own businesses, having led a team of 30 as a Sales Director at the age of 20, and worked in DBS and HSBC.

- Arthas Ho

Introducing: The Proven ‘I Am Gifted!™’ Holiday Programme Curriculum

photo_1Taught to over 520,000 students from 8 countries over the last 10 years, ‘I Am Gifted!™’ holiday programme revolves around the holistic development of your child, preparing them for life in a competitive and fast changing society.

The programme’s 3 key pillars – Learning Mastery, Personal and Life Mastery and Communication and Relationship Mastery are designed to unlock the full potential of your child.

Developed after research and studies in Neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Multiple Intelligence, your child will develop study skills, personal development skills and communications skills that will impact not only their IQ and EQ, but most importantly, give them the focus, confidence and beliefs to become leaders and role models of the future.

Our graduates have achieved exceptional results in different areas of their lives. In fact, we have received numerous feedback (from parents, graduates and schools) with marked improvements in:

  • Greater Focus and Self-Confidence
  • Self Motivated and Outcome Oriented
  • Excellent Grades
  • Being More Mature and Responsible
  • Stronger Relationship with Family
  • Higher Emotional Intelligence
  • Increased Awareness of Family and Life Values

Learning Mastery

photo_2We believe that all children have the potential to excel academically. The reason why some students find learning boring and difficult is not because they are not intelligent, but because they have not learnt how to learn effectively.

When students learn our proven accelerated study strategies that allow them to engage in Whole-brain Integrated Learning and Multiple Sensory Learning, they will be amazed at how fun and how fast they can absorb information from the subjects they take, ranging from humanities to science.

Your child will learn the following study skills:

1) Speed Reading

The ability to read effectively is one of the most important components of the learning process. Unfortunately, most average students get easily distracted and read too slowly with a poor level of comprehension. By learning how to speed read, your children will be able to read between 800-1500 words per minute with a 85-100% comprehension level.

2) Information Gathering & Processing

Do your children complain that they have too much to study and not enough time? They can significantly cut short their studying time if they learn how to extract the top 20% keywords in the textbook! With this smart-studying technique, they can focus on the most important and relevant points and still score A’s

3) Whole-Brain Note Making Techniques

Most students rely heavily on their left-brain when studying – that’s the side that deals with language and logic. In fact, tapping on both sides of our brains makes learning much more powerful! Your children will learn to use whole-brain learning tools like key ideas trees, cluster maps, flow charts, timelines and process maps to understand clearer, learn faster and retain information better.

4) Develop a Super Memory for Facts & Figures

Imagine your child being able to develop a powerful memory for facts and figures. Wouldn’t that make revision time a breeze? When students learn effective memory techniques such as the Link system, the Number system and the Vocabulary system, they will easily memorize key points, formulas, dates and tough  concepts. The excuse of “I have forgot” will become history.

5) Thinking Skills & Application

Exam questions today no longer focus just on “regurgitating” textbook content. By mastering the ability to think critically and apply what they have learnt to challenging contexts, your children will be able to tackle tough questions and obtain top grades for their exams.

Personal & Life Mastery

photo_3Acquiring the most effective learning strategies are useless unless your child has the winning mindset to overcome setbacks and motivate himself towards success. We believe our youth should enrich and strengthen not only their academic skills but also their personal and life skills. While good academic grades are important, they are no guarantee of our children’s ability to succeed in the professional world.

This is why we focus a lot on instilling in our participants personal and life skills to enrich them beyond the needs of the classroom. By using highly effective experiential training and personal transformation techniques, your child will develop the focus, resilience and confidence needed to succeed in the face of challenges.

Your child will be enriched with the following personal and life skills:

1) Building and Maintaining High Self-esteem & Personal Motivation

Having the “cannot be bothered”’ attitude, unwillingness to speak up and refusal to participate are signs of low self-esteem and a poor self-image. When your children are immersed into a highly positive and nurturing environment, they will develop the confidence to set high personal standards and drive towards success.

2) Goal Setting & Career Planning

Many students lack motivation simply because they have not discovered a clear life purpose. Thus, they become lazy and only study hard when nagged at. When your children learn to set inspiring life goals and dare to dream about their own future, you would be amazed by how driven and self-directed they can be in their work.

3) Effective Time & Life Management

With piles of homework, projects and CCAs to juggle, things can quickly become overwhelming. By mastering the skill of managing their time and prioritising the most important tasks, your children can enjoy greater focus and avoid stress from last-minute work. They will also learn to fight procrastination and do more in less time!

4) Empowering Beliefs & a Positive Attitude

Limiting beliefs such as “it cannot be done”, “I’m not good enough” and “Maths is difficult” prevent your children from giving their best and achieving results they deserve. As they break out their comfort zone, they will transform “obstacles” into “challenges” and take on a powerful belief system that drives them to their maximum potential!

5) Emotional State Management

Have your children ever put off doing their homework or even wanted to skip school because they are “not in the mood”? Sometimes, children and teenagers get affected by their feelings and this may cause them to make poor decisions. at I Am Gifted!™, they will learn to manage their emotions and trigger resourceful states that bring out their peak performance in any scenario.

6) Winner’s Mindset of Taking Charge of their Life

The difference between achievers and average performers is how they deal with challenges. People who give excuses, blame others and take no action tend to fall into patterns of failure. When your children choose to adopt the winner’s mindset, they will learn to take responsibility for their results and turn setbacks into fruitful learning experiences

Communication & Relationship Mastery

photo_4The ability to get along with others and communicate effectively is another essential set of skills that our children must acquire to achieve success in school and in their careers.

1) Cooperation and Teamwork

By immersing in a collaborative environment, your child will experience the power of team spirit and learn to work well with their peers. They will gain social skills such as rapport-building, gaining agreement from others and resolving conflicts. Backed by peer support and encouragement from coaches, your child will develop the confidence to express their ideas and speak up in front of a crowd.

2) Nurturing Harmonious Relationships

Children need nurturing relationship with their parents and strong family support to go the distance. Family conflicts can lead to low self-esteem, low morale, poor grades and even depression. Our activities are guided by strong relationship-building and familial values such as filial piety and love for others. Through self-reflection, many of our graduates have gained a deeper understanding of their parents’ love, learnt to show respect and appreciation, and developed the emotional maturity to build loving relationships with their family members.

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